• Economic sanctions

    B&A Law advises its clients on all aspects of economic sanctions programs, administered by national and international authorities.

    Economic sanctions are binding, non-military instruments used to enforce a desired policy or punish violation of such policy with regard to certain countries of groups of individuals. Economic sanctions are political instruments applied by the United Nations, the European Union and individual countries, but enforced and penalized on a national level.

    Economic sanctions target countries as well as individuals and companies. Such sanctions include restrictions on dealings with government-owned or government-controlled enterprises, restrictions on dealings with specific industries, import and/or export restrictions, arms embargoes, asset freezes and many other sanctions.

    The role of economic sanctions in international politics is becoming more and more prominent. They are increasingly being applied and enforced.

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  • Export Controls

    B&A Law assists clients whose business activities are subject to export controls.

    Imports and exports can be subject to export control regulations, which restrict the free trade of goods and services. The reasons for such restrictions vary, but include national or international security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism, crime control and non-proliferation. Although, in Europe, export controls are to a large extent based on European legislation, restrictions are also imposed nationally. Specific restrictions apply to “dual-use items” and “military goods”.

    Dual-use items are items that can be used for both civil and military purposes, whereas military goods are deemed to be used for military purposes. The definition of dual-use items is very broad and includes a large number of categories of items, such as electronics, software, navigation, sensors, lasers, computers, propulsion and many more.

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Our services

B&A Law provides any service in relation to sanctions, export controls and related compliance issues, such as money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud and corruption, notably the following services:

Legal advisory services

General advice on sanctions and export controls, including limited US sanctions law advice.

Legal representation

Representing companies in enforcement scenarios, including settlement discussions and, if required, representation in court.

Policies and procedures

Setting up and implementing compliance programmes, related documentation and also reviewing existing policies.


Providing sanctions and export control training and education to the business, senior management and the board of directors.

Legal documents

Drafting end-user statements and sanctions clauses for contracts and general terms and conditions.

Compliance tools

Providing practical, workable and efficient compliance tools, such as, but not limited to a sanctions matrix, which provides a regularly updated overview of all applicable EU and US sanctions per country.

Transaction and third party screening and advice

Reviewing and screening of transactions and providing advice on such transactions, including screening of entities and individuals, including searches through the LexisNexis search engine. Covering practically all relevant sanctions and other watch lists available in the world, as well as bad press, PEP lists, Dun & Bradstreet business profiles and case law.

Classification services

Providing classification services related to the EU Dual-use Regulation (EU/428/2009) and sanctions regulations.

License requests

Assisting companies with license requests, mock license requests (*sondage*), classification requests and related discussions with the authorities.