B&A Law assists clients whose business activities are subject to export controls.

Imports and exports can be subject to export control regulations, which restrict the free trade of goods and services. The reasons for such restrictions vary, but include national or international security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism, crime control and non-proliferation. Although, in Europe, export controls are to a large extent based on European legislation, restrictions are also imposed nationally. Specific restrictions apply to “dual-use items” and “military goods”.

Dual-use items are items that can be used for both civil and military purposes, whereas military goods are deemed to be used for military purposes. The definition of dual-use items is very broad and includes a large number of categories of items, such as electronics, software, navigation, sensors, lasers, computers, propulsion and many more. Therefore, almost every company dealing with import or export will be faced with export control regulations somehow.

Beside the items or services to be imported or exported, destinations or countries of origin may be restricted for the export or import of certain goods and services. Sanctions laws and export controls are thus often intertwined and form a complex legal area in which it can be difficult to navigate your business.