B&A Law advises its clients on all aspects of economic sanctions programs, administered by national and international authorities.

Economic sanctions are binding, non-military instruments used to enforce a desired policy or punish violation of such policy with regard to certain countries of groups of individuals. Economic sanctions are political instruments applied by the United Nations, the European Union and individual countries, but enforced and penalized on a national level.

Economic sanctions target countries as well as individuals and companies. Such sanctions include restrictions on dealings with government-owned or government-controlled enterprises, restrictions on dealings with specific industries, import and/or export restrictions, arms embargoes, asset freezes and many other sanctions.

The role of economic sanctions in international politics is becoming more and more prominent. They are increasingly being applied and enforced. Recent examples of this policy are the far-reaching sanctions regarding the situation in Russia and Ukraine. B&A Law has extensive experience with the national and international enforcement of economic sanctions.