• Economic sanctions

    B&A Law advises its clients on all aspects of economic sanctions programs, administered by national and international authorities.

    Economic sanctions are binding, non-military instruments used to enforce a desired policy or punish violation of such policy with regard to certain countries of groups of individuals.

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  • Export Controls

    B&A Law assists clients whose business activities are subject to export controls.

    Imports and exports can be subject to export control regulations, which restrict the free trade of goods and services. The reasons for such restrictions vary, but include national or international security, foreign policy, anti-terrorism, crime control and non-proliferation.

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Who We Are

  • Yvo Amar

    Yvo Amar

    Yvo advises and represents clients on all aspects of sanctions laws and export control as well as related contract law and liability law issues.

  • Sebastiaan Bennink

    Sebastiaan Bennink

    Sebastiaan advises and counsels the firm’s clients on all aspects of financial and trade sanctions and export controls.


B&A Law has a broad range of clients, varying from financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies to (mid-sized) national and well-known multinational (listed) companies. B&A Law’s clients include financial institutions and companies active in the oil and gas industry, the defence industry, as well as the manufacturing and exporting industry. B&A Law also assists several reputable Dutch and foreign law firms with sanctions and export control matters. B&A Law disposes of a broad international network of highly specialised lawyers and consultants throughout the world.